loving all these glorious things

I let go of something huge today, something I never expected to leave; but it did, it finally left. And so, out of joy, I share this expanded, slightly modified paragraph from my Facebook “About” section:

A floating engagement with love-light-beauty-joy and the special opening quality of life these days; how nothing sticks or holds like it used to, and how there is no Next (after a lifetime of nexts and Running), just this moment this moment raining down; breathing fully, learning to breathe; is this something approaching transcendence or my own personal mythology which I have finally slowed down enough to listen to and maybe embody for many a hopefully golden moment? But even transcendence is not a goal anymore ~ rather, art through Life; the all-encompassing feeling of being alive, sensing everything, the full spectrum, from light to dark and beyond, and then simply being … for it will not last and I want to experience great joy while here. I so want to be a good dolphin in the frolic of truth, virtue, magnificent conversations, other dolphins, dogs, horses, all animals pretty much; myth; magnificent people; the apostles of ordinary life; Armenian coffee and cloves; glamour in a deep sense; paintings like couture, talismans conveying sweeping emotion; glorious friends, clients with their amazing, beautiful lives; every true moment in every film, large or small; Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands, this morning Fanny Ardant; Persepolis and Cinque Terra, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Malta and its Hypogeum. I am an immense fan of Courbet, Delacroix, Rembrandt, Goya, Balthus, Bonnard, Peanuts, the smiley happy face, Beethoven, Rilke, Rimbaud, Wim Wenders and his angels, Schubert, Rivette, Herzog, Jeanne d’Arc, Carole Lombard, Marilyn Monroe, Woolf, Balanchine, Dodie Smith, HergĂ©, Ruffian, Secretariat, my dogs Tintin and Chocolat, and…you! All of you, to whom I am most grateful…

Oh, I almost forgot Redford’s Ordinary People and Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Blue. And Brian May and Freddie Mercury.

xx always and happiest Springtime wishes ~ May all your dreams come true,


(originally posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013)