How Beautiful Is Beautiful? OMGodding All Over & Beyond ~ Through Art & Life

My dear friend Donald recently asked, under rather unusual circumstances I won’t go into just now, “How beautiful is beautiful, Kat?” He was speaking to my art, what he thought my life was all about .. And I realized during the course of our conversation that afternoon, more than ever before, that I wanted to be real in my body and to hopefully serve by what I call “OMGodding” all over the place ~ enthusing, whether through painting, writing, great conversations, healings or .. however things play out, in connecting to the light and its glorious rays. Reveling in Life through, in my case, art. A sense of de-crystallization, elegant dissolution following this exquisite hunger for the light, has pervaded the past few years for me—when I am aware, it is as though the Fabric of Everything comes endlessly through every moment, my soul pouring through my heart (Donald again) with passion and intoxication in every heartbeat. Traveling out and out to build on the light that’s been, by bringing in ever more expansiveness. Which somehow translates into joy, for me.

I wonder about you on your beautiful journeys these days .. What are you up to? How big and juicy and fun and full-out are you playing? How are your dreams shaping up, and are they what you really wanted? What are you discovering, or allowing yourself to see that is changing you and Life forever? Are you evermore the you you imagined being, when you were small? Or has everything changed so much since then, and since you often live at least two or three centuries in a day, that that is that not even relevant anymore?

Sending you all so much light and joy always,

xx Kat